Flitto wins final round of Golden Pentagon!

Flitto wins the final round of startup audition program Golden Program (KBS).

After getting an all-kill 5 votes and winning the first place during our first appearace of Golden Pentagon on November 2nd, Flitto moved on to the semi-final rounds, along with 7 other companies and won the final round!

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The startups in the semi-final round were:
1회: Meet the real trip, My Real Trip
2회: Crowdsourcing translation, Flitto
3회: Close the lid for a can again, XRE 캔뚜껑 (can lid)
4회: Reserve hotels on the day of, 호텔나우 (Hotel Now)
5회: Math is not hard, KnowRe
6회: Breaking new ground with non-powered sensors, 코아칩스 (Core Chips_
7회: Speech recorgnition earphone, 해보라 (Haebora)
8회: Anyone can easily learn Korean. 한글봇 (Hangeul Bot)

The startups in the final round were:
1. Meet the real trip, My Real Trip
2. Math is not hard, KnowRe
3. Close the lid for a can again, XRE 캔뚜껑 (can lid)
4. Reserve hotels on the day of, 호텔나우 (Hotel Now)
5. Crowdsourcing translation, Flitto

About Golden Pentagon:

Golden Pentagon is a startup audition program broadcasted by KBS, where CEOs from startups of various industries pitch about their company to 5 judges. After each pitch, the five judges vote whether they would invest in the company or not. There are a total of 10 episodes, the last 2 broadcasting the semi-final and final round. For each of the 8 episodes, 6 CEOs pitch their ideas and the one with the most votes moves on to the semi-final round. On episode 9 (semi-final), 5 startups are chosen form the 8 startups to move to the final round and on episode 10, the final winner is chosen and awarded ₩1,000,000,000.


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